Castaic Union School District Board Meeting, September 21, 2021

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To navigate to a specific part of the video, simply click on the timestamp links below. Each timestamp corresponds to a different section of the video, allowing you to jump to the parts that interest you the most easily.

00:00:00 In this section of the board meeting, the school board members conduct roll call and go through the approval of the agenda, as well as two action items. The first action item is the approval of an agreement between Castaic Union School District and Alliant Consulting Incorporated for labor compliance oversight for a reliable Elementary project. The second action item is the approval of an agreement between Castaic Union School District and independent construction inspection. Both items are approved by the board with no questions or issues raised.

00:05:00 In this section, the Castaic Union School District Board approves an agreement with Twining Incorporated for inspection and material testing services for a project. Jeff from Twining gives a brief presentation, stating that they recently finished a project with William S Hart and they have no intention of moving this project in two years. The board approves the agreement. Later, the board approves an amendment to the sublease agreement with the Nazarian Group for Live Oak Elementary School construction under the lease lease back agreement. There is a presentation about the sublease and installment plan. The board approves the item.

00:10:00 In this section of the transcript, the board discusses the finalization process for the agreement and cost of construction for the lease contract. The payment schedule for the lease payments goes beyond the construction duration, in accordance with California regulations. The budget presented contains different components, including the overall construction cost, a general condition for the contractor’s fee, an owner control contingency, and an allowance. Adjustments will be made to the payment schedule based on the use of the contingency or allowance, and it is subject to change. The board is optimistic that they will come back with a credit change order after the project is completed. Construction will start immediately after the board approves the notice of the project, with the goal of completion in April 2022.

00:15:00 In this section, the Castaic Union School District Board approves an agreement with Remote Medical International for Covid-19 testing, with a motion made by Ms. Maxson and seconded by Mr. Richard. Board members thank Lynette, the CBO, for her hard work in finding the right company for the district, and Laura for directing them to the resource they have in front of them. Laura abstains from voting because she has worked with RMI for the past nine months but provides recommendations to Lynette on how to make testing run smoothly. Lynette appreciates the other districts for allowing her to sit in for interviews to find the best fit for Castaic, and she feels confident that RMI is the best company for their needs. Testing will happen once a week on Thursdays at the district office, with results available before 12 hours.

00:20:00 In this section of the video, the Castaic Union School District Board discusses the process for COVID-19 testing. They mention that the district will send out a QR code to everyone and recommend having at least two to three testers for the first couple of weeks. Employees are not required to be tested on-site and can provide proof of a test from their own health care provider. The board also clarifies that the testing is a state mandate but is being paid for through a grant from the federal government, and they expect to have enough funding to cover testing and vaccinations for the year. They anticipate having some reserve money left over, but it can only be used for testing or vaccination purposes. One member suggests clarifying that the testing is only available for those who need it, not for those who want it.

00:25:00 In this section, the Castaic Union School District Board clarifies that the weekly testing requirement is only intended for unvaccinated staff members and those who may have been exposed to the virus, not for those who think they have been exposed. The goal is to ensure the safety of staff and students by reducing the risk of exposing unvaccinated individuals while promoting vaccinations. The exact number of unvaccinated staff members is not known, although 70 employees have yet to submit vaccination records. The board will accept vaccination cards at any time, but there is no hard deadline to follow. The meeting concludes with a vote to adjourn.

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