Santa Clarita City Council Meeting from Tuesday, February 14, 2023

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00:00:00┬áThe Santa Clarita City Council will be holding public hearings to establish a district map, with a demographer present to explain how mapping works and what legal restrictions are in place. There will also be a mapping tool that the public can use to participate in the process. The schedule of hearings will be posted tomorrow on the city’s website.

00:05:00 The Santa Clarita City Council approves the agenda and awards and recognizes Black History Month.

00:10:00 The Santa Clarita City Council recognized an outstanding individual for his service to the community as a planner over the past four years. Dan Masnada served on the Planning Commission and helped to update the city’s housing, development code, and plans for Old Town New Hall Henry Mayo hospital.

00:15:00 The vice chair of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (South Coast AQMD) presents an update on air quality in the south coast region. The presentation covers sources of pollution, the impact of pollution on health, and ways to improve air quality. South Coast AQMD represents cities on the south coast of California, including Santa Clarita. The presentation highlights the importance of air quality and the ways in which Santa Clarita is struggling to meet federal air quality standards.

00:20:00 In this video, Santa Clarita City Council members discuss the city’s air quality and the various ways residents and businesses can help improve it. Air pollution is getting better, but there is still work to be done. There are programs available to help residents reduce their air pollution, and money is available to help businesses reduce their emissions.

00:25:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discussed various issues, including the proposed fee for electric vehicles and the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Committee. The council also discussed programs to reduce pollution from stationary sources, such as warehouses.

00:30:00 The Santa Clarita City Council meeting from Tuesday, February 14, 2023, was highlighted by a presentation on the One Story One City program, which promotes reading and community togetherness. One notable example mentioned was the library’s annual One Story One City program, which has featured selections such as The Catcher in the Rye and To Kill a Mockingbird.

00:35:00 Nicholas decisa, a high school student, speaks about the dangers of biking on Wiley Canyon Road in Santa Clarita, CA, which does not have streetlights or a bike lane. He urges the city to make changes to the road to make it safer for cyclists and drivers.

00:40:00 The speaker discusses some of the issues facing the Santa Clarita City Council, including concerns about solar panels and homeless shelters. They suggest that the city do more engineering studies before building projects and invite the Federal Communications Commission and Public Utilities to participate.

00:45:00 The speaker discusses how they feel about how government is operated, and how many taxes and fees are hidden in various bills. They also mention how the Democratic and Republican parties have changed, and how conservatives should be watching John Carpenter’s 1988 movie “They Live.”

00:50:00 The city of Santa Clarita is facing several issues with its management, including the mistreatment of employees and unethical hiring practices. James Doyle, a former city employee and concerned citizen, is here to bring these concerns to the attention of the city council. He argues that the mistreatment of employees and unequal pay are unacceptable, and the city’s recruitment process is doubtful.

00:55:00 City council discusses allegations of partiality and prejudice, and recommends a comprehensive review of the city’s recruitment process. The city manager is urged to correct the website address. Black History Month is celebrated, and the city council expresses gratitude for the service of veterans.

01:00:00 The town of Santa Clarita in Nevada is experiencing a surge in gang activity and graffiti, and the local police and law enforcement are not doing enough to address the issue. The speaker asks what the local police and law enforcement are doing to address the issue, and is told that they are limited in what they can do. The speaker asks who is responsible for releasing prisoners early and why, and is told that it is intentional and related to the gascon issue. The speaker asks what can be done to address the issue and is told that a solution needs to be found immediately.

01:05:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discussed various topics, including the uptick in crime, skateboarders harassing businesses, and the city’s role in homelessness. The council also discussed the city’s lawsuit to fix the solar panel problem.

01:10:00 The city council was successful in building the Canyon Country Community Center and opening the second inclusive play park. In 2022, the city was named the fourth safest city in the United States.

01:15:00 The video discusses the Santa Clarita City Council’s planned discussion of notices of fire department inspections and a 100-dollar fee for homeowners regardless of whether action needs to be taken. It also discusses Councilman Miranda’s experience with Guardians, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping First Responders get through PTSD.

01:20:00 The YouTube video discusses the passing of Deputy Jonathan Buchan, who served with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for two years before being killed in the line of duty. The video also features comments from council members about Deputy Buchan and his impact on the community.

01:25:00 City Councilmember Stephany Silva gave a toast to six couples who got married during the city’s “Big I Do” event. The event was celebrated with champagne and a wedding ceremony.

01:30:00 City staff will present changes to Skag’s bylaws and guiding principles to the council, and then allow the public to comment. There are no speakers for this item, and the mayor nominates a voting delegate and alternate for the General Assembly.

01:35:00 The CEO of the Santa Clarita community council speaks about his experience taking his wife to Henry Mayo Hospital. He notes that, due to traffic, it can take longer to get to certain medical facilities during the day than in the evening. He recommends that the city council discuss the hospital’s request for a contribution to its building for health capital campaign.

01:40:00 The Santa Clarita City Council meets to discuss the future of Henry Mayo Hospital and Trauma Center. They discuss the need for additional facilities, and Tony Maldonado advocates for more mental health facilities. The council agrees to table the issue for now, and agrees to hold a fundraiser to raise money to buy back Henry Mayo’s facility if it sells in the next 10 years.

01:45:00 The city of Santa Clarita is discussing the need for a second hospital and the possible costs of such a project. The video discusses the importance of having a hospital available in case of a major earthquake, and the lack of availability of orthopedic surgery in the city. It also mentions the high rates of suicide and homicide in the city. The speaker suggests that money be spent on facilities that would benefit the city more, such as surgical needs that are not being used by Henry Mayo Medical Center.

01:50:00 The community of Santa Clarita needs money to keep Henry Mayo Hospital afloat, and the city has been supportive in the past. Dale Donahoe, vice chairman of the hospital, introduces his wife and co-chair of the capital campaign, Marley Laufer. Tim Cameron, Lifeline representative, talks about how the hospital has helped him in his illness, and Miss Marley Law Firm discusses the hospital’s services and how they would appreciate any support the community can give.

01:55:00 Henry Mayo Hospital is requesting funding to expand its programs, including emergency services. The city council discusses the request and agrees to consider it if the money is donated directly by physicians or employees.

02:00:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discussed the city’s emergency room numbers and how they’ve increased in the past year. They noted that it’s difficult to build a hospital due to California’s regulations, and that the city’s trauma center, robita burros center, cath lab, cardiac center, NICU, and stemi unit are all remarkable examples of the city’s medical services.

02:05:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discusses the need for more medical equipment and resources, and supports the continued fundraising efforts of the hospital. The council also discusses the importance of local community hospitals and the impact they have on the community.

02:10:00 The Santa Clarita City Council voted to approve a four-year, two-million dollar gift to the hospital. The money will be used to support mental health and PTSD victims.

02:15:00 City staff is proposing to accept a donation of the YMCA building and approve the amended land lease agreement with the Valencia Summit homeowners association. The building is located off of McBean Parkway between Del Monte Drive and Arroyo Parkway and has been leased by the Valencia Summit homeowners association since 1986. The immediate needs include roof repairs, repairs to the heating and air conditioning units, a sewer line repair, flooring repairs, and repairs to the pool and equipment. The building has a current 13-year lease which can be renewed for an additional 49 years.

02:20:00 The City Council is considering a donation agreement with the YMCA to transfer ownership of the building at no cost to the city. The recommended action for City Council’s consideration tonight is to approve the agreement.

02:25:00 The City is proposing a weed abatement and brush clearance program for Los Angeles County in 2023. The program is based on a resolution passed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in January of that year, which declares dangerous and noxious weeds on designated properties as a public nuisance. The program is designed to improve defensible space and comply with Assembly Bill 3074, which was passed in 2020. Additional context includes the fact that all homes within fire zones in Los Angeles County are required to have annual brush inspections and that the City has recently acquired mapping software that allows the District to pinpoint homes subject to brush inspections more accurately. The public will have the opportunity to speak at the presentation and provide feedback on the proposal.

02:30:00 The proposed brush clearance program for Santa Clarita City Council discusses the requirement to remove flammable vegetation within 30 feet of any structure, along with the removal of dead wood up to 200 feet away, in order to reduce the risk of wildfire. The program will affect a significant number of residents based on the information shared by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. There is no ability for residents to opt in or out of the program, and those with concerns will have the opportunity to share their opinions at hearings on Thursday and Friday.

02:35:00 The city council discusses water usage and weed abatement in the Santa Clarita Valley. They note that, historically, development in the valley was limited, and that water use has increased since 2010. They discuss the cost of managing trees and the difficulty of holding public hearings close to residents who have not received notices. Roger Horning, a resident of the valley, speaks to the council about his concerns.

02:40:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discusses a plan to require brush clearance inspections of properties in the Red Zone, which would increase property taxes. Assistant Chief Bill Romo introduces the team working on the brush clearance inspections, and community service liaise Maria Greiken explains that the fees are based on fire hazard severity and how the inspections help firefighter safety. Some property owners feel they should not be subject to the inspections because they are not in a fire hazard area, and the public hearings are for informing the public about the plan.

02:45:00 The Santa Clarita City Council held a public hearing to discuss the high fire severity zones in the Santa Clarita Valley. If a property owner thinks they are not in a very high respiratory zone, they can come to this meeting to speak to staff about their situation. If the property is deemed to be in a high fire severity zone, the owner will be removed from the list that goes to the Board of Supervisors. In addition, a winner will be chosen to complete the maps of the county’s high fire severity zones. The meeting was to discuss the date of the meeting, but Councilmember McLean clarified that notifications will also be sent to those who received fire notices.

02:50:00 The Santa Clarita City Council meeting from February 14, 2023, addressed the potential for wildfires in the area and the need for residents to clear their land of brush in order to avoid fines. The council also clarified that all parcels, not just structures, must be improved to improve property value.

02:55:00 The city council discusses the possibility of asking the Board of Supervisors to postpone a March 14th meeting so that more people can have more information about a public hearing on proposed changes to fire zones. They also discuss the issue of charging condo owners for the same inspection as single family homes, noting that this is a violation of state mandate. The city council suggests sending some of these homeowners to the Board of Supervisors to declare their concerns.

03:00:00 The Santa Clarita City Council discusses the potential for a fire in the Valley and how to best address the issue. The Council directs staff to write a letter to homeowners’ associations informing them of their responsibility to inspect their properties and to charge those associations for the services. The Mayor requests that the Board of Supervisors set an exemption for those who are in the “fire zone,” but does not mention that lawn furniture may be a potential fire hazard.

03:05:00 The Santa Clarita City Council meets to discuss new business, including a motion to consent to a new executive order. After discussion, the council adjourns for the night.

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