Saugus Union School District Meeting February 14, 2023

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00:00:00 Victoria Lim from Bridgeport Elementary School was awarded the “Caring Student Award” at the Saugus Union School District meeting on February 14, 2023. Leone from Cedar Creek Elementary School won the “Academic Scholar Award” and Logan from Helmer Elementary School was awarded the “Caring Citizen Award.”

00:05:00 The video features clips of Saugus Union School District students describing the qualities that make them special. One student is congratulated for being a genuine friend to others. Another student is congratulated for being kind and caring.

00:10:00 These students are being recognized for their compassionate and caring behavior. Julian, Melanie, Abram, Adelia, Herschel, Lucas, Carolyn, Sophia, and West Creek all demonstrated kindness and concern for their classmates and community members. Congratulations to these wonderful young people!

00:15:00 The Union School District held a meeting to discuss a complaint made against one of its board members. Several individuals attended the meeting to share their concerns, and it was made clear that the complaint was not on the agenda and that the board members did not know about it beforehand. The statement of a board member’s own comments was not considered to reflect the views of the board as a whole.

00:20:00 The video discusses a Board of Trustees meeting in Saugus, California, where trustees were asked to vote on whether or not they would serve on a board with a commitment to serve only if they acknowledged that no individual trustee had power or authority to act on his or her own. The letter read at the meeting was inappropriate and disrespectful of a student in the district, their family, and the staff at North Park Elementary. The video also discusses the incident at North Park Elementary and the response of the staff. The Board of Trustees voted to proceed with two minutes per topic, which will allow for up to 36 minutes of public comment. One speaker card was not filled out, and Miss Stahl will tell the speakers when to begin.

00:25:00 The speaker, a parent of an autistic child, discusses the concerns they have with the district’s failure to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. She brings copies of the law to the meeting, and threatens to sue the district if the rules are not followed. The speaker is followed by other parents who also raise concerns about the district’s lack of compliance with the ADA. The speaker requests that the board consider hiring more staff with disabilities, and asks that officials be held accountable for their actions.

00:30:00 The speaker discusses their concerns about the safety of students in the Saugus Union School District, and asks the board to be more transparent and engaged with parents and staff about safety issues. They ask for goal number one of the superintendent’s goals for the next two years to be to create systems that protect students’ physical safety.

00:35:00 At a school board meeting, a person who is too cowardly to come forward and speak wrote a letter accusing several district employees of misconduct, including breaking the law and violating the district’s handbook. The individual shared her son’s story of being raised in a difficult situation and striving for success, despite feeling unwanted. Miss Griese was allowed to yield her time to the speaker. The speaker criticized Miss Griese for her lack of knowledge about children with mental disabilities and for her lack of understanding about how the district’s special education program works. The speaker also shared her son’s story of being rejected and unsupported by his peers and family, despite his best efforts, and expressed her belief that Miss Griese is using her position to discredit the program.

00:40:00 The speaker discusses the school district’s culture and how it impacts students’ safety. She talks about a recent incident in which a student escaped from school, and how the district handled the situation. The speaker also talks about how the culture of acceptance and inclusion impacts students’ safety.

00:45:00 The Saugus Union School District held a board meeting on February 14, 2023, during which a letter purportedly written by concerned parents was read aloud. The letter disclosed the specific school that one child is currently enrolled in and the child’s special education class, putting him and his classmates at risk. Board member Anna Griese read the letter publicly and violated the child’s civil rights and family educational rights.

00:50:00 The YouTube video features a discussion between a parent and a school board member regarding the privacy of a special education student. The parent expresses concern that the student’s private information was carelessly released, and the board member responds that the information in the letter was not the student’s private information. The parent then asks the board member to censure Anna Griese for her negligence, and the board member agrees.

00:55:00 The speaker discusses the Anna Griese incident, which occurred at a school board meeting. She asserts that Anna Griese used her position of power to bully a child and that there are guidelines for protecting all of the children in the district. The speaker also says that she is a family member with a special needs child and wants to show support for Anna.

01:00:00 The speaker discusses her experience as a former parent of a child who attended Saugus Union School District, and how the district has repeatedly failed to take care of its students and parents. She expresses her hope that the board will take action to improve school safety.

01:05:00 The district discusses program specifics and reports that the majority of its site representatives have joined in the Labor Management initiative. A school board trustee read a letter regarding one of the district’s special education programs that upset many staff members. Members of the district have expressed concern about the privacy of other students. Mrs. Griese has been given a chance to speak. The district expresses its disappointment with the author of the letter and with Mr. Abrahamian for choosing to read it out loud.

01:10:00 Principal Ardrella Hamilton discusses the work of the Saugus Union School District’s PBIS team and the importance of promoting giving among students.

01:15:00 The Plum Canyon Elementary School PTA shared updates on their first half of the year, which included a successful Apex run and programming for students of all ages.

01:20:00 The superintendent reports that the district is excited about upcoming enrichment programs, including music and career day. Parents are encouraged to attend events.

01:25:00 The Union School District held a meeting to discuss the district’s upcoming year. One of the topics discussed was the district’s new assistant superintendent, Pete, who is leaving the district. The district also congratulated its award-winning students and thanked its teachers. Lastly, the district announced that bids for a new two-story building will be due in March, and that the project should be completed in April.

01:30:00 The excerpt discusses the controversy surrounding North Park School in Saugus, CA, which includes allegations of a lockdown, in-school violence, and vandalism. The author states that the school was handled according to plan and no one was injured, and that the incident has been investigated and the facts remain the same. The author also states that as a parent, he expects the district to notify him in an efficient and timely way if his children are ever facing a possible danger at school.

01:35:00 The video discusses the recent incidents at North Park High School, and the school board’s plans to continue to have open conversations about school safety and communication. It says that the discussion should not be centered on specific programs or how school staff handled the incidents.

01:40:00 The superintendent of Saugus Union School District discusses school safety and communication policies. He says that he is grateful for the 12-week training course he participated in earlier in his career, and that school staff handled the recent on-campus incidents well. The superintendent also notes that while school is never perfect, they are constantly striving to improve. Finally, the superintendent discusses the consent calendar, and explains that they will vote on a particular item after hearing from the after-school enrichment provider.

01:45:00 The video discusses the District’s success in keeping students on task and passing assessments, as well as recent developments in the technology used in the schools. The presenter notes that, in order to support the students, they are working to ensure that they meet or exceed national norms for reading and math.

01:50:00 The Saugus Union School District’s diagnostic results show that the students are making progress in reaching their academic goals. The decreases in red levels and increases in green levels reflect the students who are already at or above the level they need to be and students who are moving closer to achieving their goals.

01:55:00 The video presents data on student performance in Saugus Union School District, which shows that students are on par with or exceeding state and national norms. One slide shows that, in math, students are still below grade level 2, but are making progress. The video also discusses how the district is working to address low achievement levels in specific grades.

02:00:00 The district is celebrating the growth of its students and the reduction in the number of students who are at or below grade level in math and language arts. They are preparing for the state testing season, which will begin in May.

02:05:00 The Saugus Union School District will start testing students in May, and they are working to increase math growth rates. They are also trying to improve communication with families, and are preparing for a new adoption of math standards.

02:10:00 The video discusses the work that the Saugus Union School District has done in preparations for their new math and reading curriculum. The new curriculum is based on frameworks developed by the National Education Association, and the district has hired a certified or credentialed teacher to work with their intervention team to help students meet expectations.

02:15:00 The school district will honor Susan B Anthony on the seventh and eighteenth of February, each year. The resolutions PASS.

02:20:00 The governing board of the Saugus Union School District approves a memorandum of understanding between the school district and the service union representing teachers and speech and language pathologists, recognizing February 20th as President’s Day and honoring President George Washington’s birthday.

02:25:00 The Union School District held a meeting on February 14, 2023, to discuss AB 300, seismic concerns, and the 2021-22 financial audit report. The meeting ended with a motion to adjourn. Next Tuesday, February 28, the district will be holding a special board meeting to discuss the comprehensive school safety plan and the 2021-22 financial audit report.

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