Saugus Union School District Meeting January 31, 2023

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00:00:00 Tonight, the last day of the month, the Saugus Union School district is celebrating its students. The board of directors thanks them for all the hard work they do and presents them with small presents. There is no formal agenda for the meeting, but during announcements, the board reminds the students that it is not part of their regular agenda and it is a surprise. There is a recognition time for the students who have received awards. One student, from Bridgeport, Amelia Tucker, is recognized for her excellent academics and leadership skills in the classroom and in community activities. Another, from Cedar Creek, William Vasquez Ventura, is recognized for his dedication to the school’s green team, his leadership skills, and his calm demeanor.

00:05:00 Sixth grade students in Saugus Union School share their accomplishments and awards they have received in the past year. All of the students have shown dedication in their academics and extra-curricular activities, and have been instrumental in leading positive changes at their school. One sixth grade student in particular, Megan Riley Dizon, has been lauded for her leadership skills, generosity, and kindness. Congratulations, Megan!

00:10:00 Each of the students in the video are from a different school and have accomplished something noteworthy. The students congratulate each other on their accomplishments and offer words of encouragement. One student, William, is from Cedar Creek in fifth grade and is a member of the Green Team. He is an exemplary student and role model for his classmates.

00:15:00 The video congratulates the award winners and talks about the importance of having character traits like “above and beyond” work ethic. It also emphasizes the importance of being a role model for others.

00:20:00 The video discusses public comments made during a meeting, specifically mentioning that two people have spoken. One person has spoken about school safety, and the other has spoken about a potential settlement with the teachers’ union.

00:25:00 The Saugus Union School District is planning to hold a workshop on April 28th to discuss negotiations with their unions. The school board and staff members are appreciated and the month is appreciation month. CSEA chapter 112 would like all board and staff members to mark their calendars for the event.

00:30:00 The video discusses the work of the school board members and how they collaborate to improve the education of students in Saugus. It also features a speech by Karen Fractor, director of categorical and special programs, on behalf of the school board’s child development program.

00:35:00 In this workshop, lead librarians from the Saugus Union School District discussed how to obtain library cards and the many free programs and activities that are available to the community. The feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many families learning about these resources for the first time. The Staffing side of the CDP continues to hire new staff and conduct new staff orientations weekly. Twelve additional staff members were certified in CPR and first aid last week. The human resources department has been amazing in setting up interviews and processing new members quickly.

00:40:00 The superintendent and cabinet reports began the meeting. Mrs. Follansbee shared that Highlands is where her daughter went to school, and Highlands will always be special to her. She thanked the school board and the staff for their hard work during the past year. She also thanked Mrs. Bender for her funny message. Dr. Stevens shared that the school district has been visiting school sites more frequently in order to provide more inclusive opportunities for students.

00:45:00 The superintendent’s report discusses the state of the school district, the budget, and upcoming events. Additionally, the superintendent congratulates students on their accomplishments and thanks the staff.

00:50:00 The parents of students at North Park Elementary School expressed their concerns about the safety of their children in a letter to the school superintendent. The letter detailed an incident in which a student escaped his classroom and ran through the school, vandalizing property and cursing at the staff. The child was captured and stayed on campus for over two hours. The parents were not notified of the situation until after the Saugus High School shooting. They asked the superintendent for answers about the school’s protocol for such incidents, and about when a child is considered a threat to the rest of the student body. The transcript also includes a discussion of the school’s responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all its students.

00:55:00 The superintendent discussed the district’s efforts to protect students and staff from harm, as well as recent training and visits to schools. The school board also thanks students for their hard work and dedication.

01:00:00 The school district discussed why they are still requiring Covid vaccinations and testing from third-party services. They also discussed why they are not required to do so.

01:05:00 The union school board discusses approving contracts with full circle Consulting, curriculum, and challenging behaviors training. It is determined that the contractor’s entire proposal is not part of the agreement and that the curriculum and challenging behaviors training will be tailored to Children of that developmental age and strategies and experiences that are relevant to teaching students appropriately.

01:10:00 The school district is implementing a multi-tiered system of support called “mtss.” This system uses collaboration between teachers, classified staff, and administrators to ensure all students are reaching state standards and becoming contributors to their local community. The school is also focused on balancing academic and mental wellness and health.

01:15:00 The video discusses the mental health and wellness team at Saugus Union School, which includes social workers, school psychologists, and clinical psychologists. The team works to provide support to students in tiers one and two, and to increase the base knowledge and support for teachers in mental health supports.

01:20:00 Tier two services provide targeted assistance to students who are falling behind in their classes or who have experienced other difficulties. Services may include individual mental health therapy, community referrals, and academic support.

01:25:00 In this video, Nick discusses the goals of PBIS, focusing on the five focus areas of PBIS: social emotional learning, physical education, professional development, restorative practices, and data-driven instruction. Nick also mentions that PBIS is integrated into the school’s policy and procedure (PLC) process.

01:30:00 The video discusses the importance of effective practices, such as pacing guides and interventions, to help students develop social emotional competencies. The video also discusses the Promise Standards and how the pacing guides will help students meet those standards.

01:35:00 The YouTube video features a discussion of the district’s adopted State curriculum, including the ELA, math, social studies, science, Wonders McGraw-Hill math curriculum, and stem science curriculum. The summary also mentions the district’s supplemental programs, I Ready Next-Gen math, Harmony, basic phonics skills test, Discovery Education, and writing intervention work. Finally, the video mentions the district’s assessments, which are new to the school district.

01:40:00 This video discusses staff development and PD opportunities for Saugus Union School, which included training on different subjects such as mpss, bullying, and social emotional learning. The staff development has helped to improve the teaching and learning of students.

01:45:00 The video discusses how the Saugus Union School district is implementing social emotional learning (SEL). Teachers are given training on how to use PBIS, and administrators are asked to rate their implementation of SEL. Additionally, the district is working to measure the effectiveness of SEL in the classroom.

01:50:00 The video discusses the district’s efforts to improve student engagement and academic success by using research-based effective practices. It explains that the district has adopted a framework called “Mtss” to help guide its efforts. Additionally, the video mentions that the district is working to improve student engagement through social emotional learning and academic performance.

01:55:00 At a school meeting, administrators provided updates on the school’s progress implementing social emotional learning (SEL). They shared that social emotional learning is more qualitative than quantitative at this point, due to the development of a baseline. The meeting also included an update on the school’s progress implementing art and science of teaching.

02:00:00 The meeting discussed how to best implement programs to help students, and Mrs. Griese asked about data that showed MTSS updates from August to today. The meeting also addressed how teachers can provide services to students who need them and how these services would benefit their classmates.

02:05:00 The superintendent of schools discusses the work that teachers have done thus far and how students in tier two and tier three are being identified to receive differentiated supports. The superintendent also notes that data is important in informing decisions, and that a big data dive is scheduled for later this year.

02:10:00 The Saugus Union School Meeting for January 31, 2023, discussed the student study team process and how parental involvement is involved. Parents are looped in to this process before formal assessments are done to determine if a student needs behavioral or mental health support. Parent permission is needed at each step of the process in order to move the student to a more intensive level.

02:15:00 Davis demographics provides annual updates to school district staff on student enrollment, facility planning, and staffing needs. The presentation covers various aspects of the organization’s work, including their use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The presentation concludes with an overview of the district’s school site locator.

02:20:00 The video describes the Saugus Union School District’s use of GIS to track student data, forecast enrollment, and map future development.

02:25:00 This 1-paragraph summary provides an overview of the video, discussing detached multi-family attached housing, condos, town homes, and apartments. The video explains that these types of housing types are used to generate students, with detached multi-family attached housing being the most successful in this regard. The summary also notes that future projects, known as “project names,” have been revealed, with one of these projects being a future kindergarten class size estimation tool.

02:30:00 The video discusses Saugus Union School’s use of software to forecast transfer patterns within the school district. The software takes into account factors such as birth rates and mobility rates, and uses these data to create a district-wide forecast.

02:35:00 The video presents projected growth for Saugus Union School District over the next seven years. The growth is driven primarily by the development happening from Five Point Valencia, which has been delayed for 20 years. The video also discusses how to adjust boundaries before constructing a new school.

02:40:00 In this video, Superintendent Mr. Heinlein discusses projections for student enrollment at various schools in the upcoming year. He notes that, due to the pandemic, it is difficult to predict how many students will attend school each day. He also shares that, due to the large number of students who have already contracted the virus, it is important to consider how to best accommodate them in the educational system. Finally, he reminds the audience that it is not always easy to predict how large a particular grade will be, and that districts should always use trends and staffing levels to make accurate enrollment predictions.

02:45:00 The speaker summarizes the TK program and notes that while it is a good option, parents may not be aware of it. They also mention that, in order to make accurate forecasts, they need more years of data.

02:50:00 The superintendent of Saugus Union School District talks about the large number of students that have transferred in from other areas in the past few years and the reasons for the transfers. He also mentions that a project called Whitaker Burma is still waiting for cleanup, and that the district is in need of new units.

02:55:00 The developer has started moving dirt around the school site, which the school district cannot use because they have used all of their housing grants to build new schools. The district is considering moving students around to accept them into the district, and the developer has agreed to build facilities for up to 930 students if the district ever reaches its enrollment limit.

03:00:00 The video discusses the upcoming report cards for Sauguus Union School, which will include demographic data, enrollment data, information from the district, and a communication tool to parents. The school year was different due to the state not having all the components listed, but the school is still on schedule to have the report cards ready by February 1st. There is a big disparity amongst the 15 schools in the district, and the superintendent is looking into ways to standardize the curriculum and assessment methods to help reduce the disparities.

03:05:00 The video discusses the goals of the Saugus Union School District for summer 2023, which include providing a joint program for students in grades 6-12 from the district’s two schools for summer learning. The program will include an extended school year program for students in grades 6-12 from the district’s two schools.

03:10:00 The governing board of the Saugus Union School District recognizes and honors International Holocaust Remembrance Day by observing it in summer. The resolution was passed with five votes in favor and zero votes opposed.

03:15:00 In 2023, black history month will be celebrated with the theme of black resistance. Board policies related to before and after school programs will be reviewed. One new board policy is the expanded learning opportunities offered through the ELO program.

03:20:00 In this meeting, the school board discussed updates to school policies in response to new laws. They also discussed school safety, health exams, and diabetes education. One questioner asked about school weapons policies, and the board discussed requirements for school staff to report threats of violence and for schools to have a memorandum of understanding with local law enforcement agencies. Finally, the board discussed safe routes to school.

03:25:00 The video discusses a proposed policy that would provide stipends to School Psychologists and Social Work Interns. The stipends would help to recruit new employees and create a pipeline for future hires.

03:30:00 The resolution approves a California schools healthy air plumbing and efficiency Cal shape program.

03:35:00 The board of trustees of Saugus Union School voted to adopt professional governance standards, which were originally established in 2012. One of the main changes is that the code references for California law have been cross-outd.

03:40:00 This video discusses the history of the school’s governance standards, which were developed in consultation with board members to ensure that the school operates effectively and democratically. It also discusses one of these standards, which is that board members own the collective decision making process.

03:45:00 The video discusses the possibility of holding a special meeting to discuss AB 300, which is likely to be intense. Some members of the board feel that it would be better to have a separate meeting specifically for that purpose.

03:50:00 The Union School meeting was adjourned at 10:32pm, with a motion to do so seconded. The meeting was to discuss the school’s boundary issues and the possibility of holding a board meeting on February 7th.

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