Saugus Union School District Special Meeting February 21, 2023

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To navigate to a specific part of the video, simply click on the timestamp links below. Each timestamp corresponds to a different section of the video, allowing you to jump to the parts that interest you the most easily.

00:00:00 The speaker discusses the cost escalation of earthquake safety upgrades and asks how the community will be able to afford them. She is disappointed that the upgrades have been done “last as an afterthought.”

00:05:00 The YouTube video above provides an update on the Saugus Union School District’s plans to address the needs of its aging school buildings. The district has identified 7537 school buildings in California that it believes require a first-level structural analysis to determine if they pose a seismic risk. If a school building is found to pose a seismic risk, the district must take affirmative steps to address the issue, such as repairing or replacing the building. The video also provides a summary of a recent parent meeting that was held to discuss the district’s plans.

00:10:00 The video discusses the need to develop a plan to address the needed work on the schools, estimate the costs, and figure out how to fund the repair or replacement. The Department of State Architect is the permitting agency, and they have a process called 08-03 that a school must follow if they want to access state mitigation program dollars.

00:15:00 The Union School district is updating its soil bearing capacity assessments and costs for two sites, Cedar Creek and Sky Blue. Cedar Creek has more significant soil liquefaction risks than Sky Blue, and the district is considering injecting soils to improve stability.

00:20:00 The Union School district in Saugus, California is working to upgrade its aging infrastructure in order to keep up with the current standards for seismic safety. Among the upgrades necessary are structural improvements to the school buildings, including roof connections, wall-to-floor connections, and other interior/exterior repairs. An additional cost of these upgrades is increased replacement costs due to the California Seismic Safety Authority’s (CSSA) recent change in cost guidelines. The Union School district is seeking to exceed the 50 percent replacement cost threshold in order to be considered for rehabilitation funding, which would make the upgrades more feasible and favorable.

00:25:00 The board of directors of the Saugus Union School reported on their progress in repairing and upgrading their schools. They noted that while there were no significant issues with liquefaction, they did update their estimates for the cost of seismic rehabilitation and the replacement cost of schools if they were damaged in a seismic event.

00:30:00 The video discusses the Santa Clarita Union School’s recommended replacement, which is due to exceed the 50 cost of refurbishment to replacement value. The update also covers the school’s seismic mitigation program, which is administered by the state.

00:35:00 The video discusses the challenges of convincing DSA to spend replacement money on rehabbing a building, which would then reduce modernization eligibility.

00:40:00 The speaker provides an update on the estimated costs and timelines for AB 300, which is a proposal to replace all school buildings in the Saugus Union School District. The cost of replacing a building is based on the replacement cost of the same building in the same place, taking into consideration changes in educational programs and the design of a new campus.

00:45:00 The speaker reports that the cost of repairs and renovations for Saugus Union School will increase by 2025, and that this projection is based on the same team of experts that have been used for other schools in the area. The speaker also notes that, although the groundwater level in California has gone down in recent years, it is unlikely that the school’s liquefaction potential will ever get worse.

00:50:00 The Union School District plans to build a large two-story classroom building and then tear down the old part of the campus to replace it. The next most important step is getting all of these projects into the queue with the state, and then beginning the process of getting funding. This is a commitment on the part of the district, and will require a lot of money up front. After the March meeting, the district plans to give an approved recommendation of the next round of phasing. This will likely take six to nine months, and require major architectural drawings and construction. Funding for this project will not be available until the process is complete.

00:55:00 The speaker discusses the importance of the school meeting, which was held to discuss the future of funding for the schools. They note that there are many moving parts to the process, and that it will be a process. They also mention that the state is looking for another bond, and that if that were to happen, the schools would not have all the funds available.

01:00:00 The YouTube video discusses the process for retrofitting or rebuilding schools in California. The law passed in 1999 was based on a structural engineer’s assessment that the building’s wood framing was the main source of its structural integrity, and since then the district has conducted studies to determine how much money the project will cost and how long it will take to complete. There is uncertainty about the final cost and timeframe, but the district is committed to the project.

01:05:00 The Union School district is facing a financial crisis due to the increasing cost of earthquake repairs. They are considering painting the exterior of all of the school buildings despite the fact that they will have to tear them down and replace the concrete construction. The school board has given the district guidance on how to address AB 300 needs prudently, and is willing to fund projects that would make the schools more accessible for students.

01:10:00 The speaker starts by discussing the decision the school made to have all of their money saved up and not move forward with a new building for six years. They say it would be almost impossible to get state funding if they were to do that. They mention that they are in the process of paying off a bond and so they are currently in a difficult position. They say that the meeting is helpful because it allows them to stay up to date on what needs to be done.

01:15:00 The video discusses the costs of renovating or rebuilding Saugus Union School, which has an estimated rehabilitation and replacement cost of 867 dollars. The estimated replacement cost is only for a building that is 60 years old, and the estimated rehabilitation cost is for a building that is currently in use. If the board wishes to move forward with design plans, they will need to have a site plan for each of the school sites.

01:20:00 The video discusses safety precautions taken for California public school buildings, including the fact that no school has collapsed due to a seismic event. It also discusses Sky Blue Mesa, a school project that is currently in construction and is estimated to be completed in May 2021.

01:25:00 The Union School district is working on a new campus, which will include a flex classroom science lab and seven classrooms. The project is estimated to be completed in October 2016.

01:30:00 The Union School District is looking to build new preschool inclusion playground at Bouquet Canyon Elementary School. The playground will be accessible for children with wheelchairs, walkers, and braces, and will be covered in a shade structure.

01:35:00 The narrator of the video states that, due to budget constraints, the Saugus Union School District is renovating its Early Education site, which will include the paint and flooring of its preschool classrooms. The narrator also states that Cedar Creek Elementary, which is currently in the process of renovating its classrooms, will be able to use the new paint and flooring.

01:40:00 The Union School district is still waiting for Saugus Union School’s new single point of entry, which is still in development. Mrs. Griese and the narrator recently visited the school, which is beautiful and has many unique spaces. Cedar Creek Elementary has a casework department, and the single point of entry on the left is now a glass door that cannot be seen through. The door to the help office is also now a single point of entry. Phase two of the single point of entry will see barriers put in place once someone is in the office, including a barrier of getting into the office. Another project at the school is the Mountain View solar lunch shelter, which was a lot of fun to work on. The school is also working on adding additional restrooms in the primary building.

01:45:00 Union School District is renovating its schools in an effort to make them more modern and accessible. One such school is North Park Elementary, which has a new science lab that is mostly finished, but the flooring and furniture have not yet been put in. The solar panels have been turned on, and the students and staff are excited to use it.

01:50:00 The Union School in Saugus is currently waiting on a part for their solar installation, which is delaying their construction project. They are also working on a new elementary school in Sky Blue Mesa, which is in the final stages of construction.

01:55:00 The video discusses various school projects that are underway in Santa Clarita, including a new preschool program and a solar lens structure. The presenter thanks the community for approving measures seven years ago, and expresses appreciation for the community’s support. Another motion is presented to adjourn the meeting. All in favor vote aye, and the meeting is adjourned at 8 pm.

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